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Mariah Garlitos


Graphic Designer


Alamogordo, NM


I am a Graphic Designer and Marketing Professional. I am creative, goal-oriented, and an artist to the core.


I am a designer. I find visual solutions to critical problems in marketing and advertising. I enjoy the challenge of taking something and transforming it into an active and effective part of a growing company. I thrive on the opportunity to help advance both new and established businesses into the next level of their marketing and branding adventure. Design is key to the success of any marketing establishment; it becomes the face of the business. I am here to make that face not only appealing, but also something that actively works for the company. I want my designs to be engaging, exciting, and economical. My goal is to create ads or marketing materials that continuously bring in revenue and expands the client base. With an eye for design, I can help set a business apart from the rest.

I enjoy what I do. I have known that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer from eleven years old and have been working toward that goal ever since. I know my goals and I achieve them. I am a go-getter and am passionate about stepping up to any challenge that I face. I am motivated and take initiative to always improve. I know my weaknesses and constantly work to better myself and my work. There is never a moment of complacency with me. Complacency begets apathy and I strive to avoid becoming either. My dedication can be seen in the attention to detail that I put into my work.